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About Us

UV-Tek is an engineering company that reflects its innovative philosophy to products from design stage to production and sales & marketing, and improves its products with its creative ideas with its experienced staff.

Our guiding principal is to understand the need and complexity of our customers at each stage and to provide ‘’absolute customer satiasfaction’’. UV-Tek, uses its 25 years experience and know-how to develop alternative solutions on Finishing Systems and UV Technologies, and thereby provides many advantages. Our company is a solution provider about Finishing and UV Curing Technologies, and provides service with our both producer and representative identity in a wide range, for Roller Coaters, Spraying Machines, UV and Drying Systems, UV Varnish and UV lamp. UV-Tek operates in many sectors with UV applications, wood and glass painting systems, marble surface application systems in many industries and reveals the its difference with using the experience of an industry to another one.


01.Our Policy

  • Making production considering changing and differing climate conditions and to provide permanent customer satisfaction.
  • Following closely each return, complaint and request and convert to new products with R&D studies.
  • Always make understandable and traceable production methods and instructions.
  • To ensure the continuity of the quality management system and continuously improve its effectiveness.
  • Ensuring the participation of all staff to quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, pursue the effectiveness and continuously improve.
  • To comply with the national and international standards, regulations, occupational health and safety and environmental legislations required with the sectors we serve.
  • To protect the environment, use the natural resources efficiently and keep under control the wastes resulting of our activities.
  • To provide services those both environmentally sensitive and optimize energy use of our customers.
  • We declare that all of our products will meet the expectations and quality image will be provided continuously.

02.Our Vision

Being a well known company around the world by offering customer oriented products and services with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

03.Our Mission

Being a company that creates value for our customers and employees with the business area variety we serve, solutions we present, the reliability with our service after sales and our business ethics. To provide customer satisfaction with high standard of quality service.